Plants Vs Zombies Location - Dying Light Easter Egg

Plants Vs Zombies Easter Egg

In Dying Light you can find the Plants Vs Zombies Easter Egg by accessing the plant (pictured above) which is found on a northern cliff face in the Antenna area. The Antenna area is its own unique area that you can access in northern Old Town; you visit this location during late during the games story. If you're having trouble figuring out how to get to the Antenna area check out my Youtube video.

To reach the plant that you need to click on in order to access this Easter Egg you'll need to approach it from behind ontop of the rocks and fall down to the platform that it is on. You won't be able to Grappling Hook up to this platform nor will you make the jump if you try to approach it another way.

Plants Vs Zombies Map Location



Dying Light Plants Vs Zombies Easter Egg (Video)