Airstrike Blueprint Easter Egg Location - Dying Light

Air Strike Blueprint

The Air Strike Blueprint is another one of the Developer Blue Prints available in Dying Light. You can find this Blue Print in the Antenna area which is its own unique area that you can access in northern Old Town. If you're having trouble figuring out how to get to the Antenna area check out my Youtube video.

Once you're in the Antenna area you'll want to search in the water just east off the coast. In the water you'll see a crashed helicopter with a few crates around it that you can open up, the Air Strike Blueprint will be in the crate that's on the ocean floor in the toxic clouds. Use my screenshot below for an exact location if you are having trouble locating it.

In order to make 10 Air Strike missiles you'll need 10 Power Cables, 10 Tin Cans, 10 Fluorescent Shrooms, 10 Electronics and 10 Battery. When you throw this item it will create a small area of UV light around the marker and a missile will appear out of thin air and strike the marked location. The missile is about as powerful as a regular grenade.

Note: Developer Blueprints like Air Strike can not be used on Nightmare difficulty.

Air Strike Blueprint Map Location