Dwarven Song of Ore - Act 3 Side Quest

Dwarven Song of Ore Quest Start

Location: Upper Mines of Kaderak
Closest Portal: Upper Mines of Kaderak (East)
Objective: Collect 4 Stanzas from the Mines of Kaderak
Reward: Stoutgrip Unique Ring, Loot & Gold

Dwarven Song of Ore is a Side Quest that begins by speaking with Historian Leontia in the Town Hall of Kalrathia (Act 3). This is the same building where you can find the King who is involved in most of the Story Quests of Act 3.

For this quest you will need to travel to the Mines of Kaderak which is one of the final dungeons during Act 3 and collect the 4 Stanzas throughout the mines. The quest says you only need to collect 3, however there is a hidden fourth one that will get you extra loot if you find it as well.

All 3 of the Upper Mines of Kaderak Stanzas are found around the Upper Mines of Kaderak (East) Teleporter. There will be one additional Stanza to find in the Lower Mines of Kaderak, you'll find this just south of the Teleporter.

Dwarven Song of Ore Map Locations
Red circles = Stanza Map Locations.

Silver Stanza: West from the Upper Mines of Kaderak (East) Teleporter

Iron Stanza: Slightly west from the Upper Mines of Kaderak (East) Teleporter

Mythril Stanza: Southeast from the Upper Mines of Kaderak (East) Teleporter

Gold Stanza: South of the Lower Mines of Kaderak Teleporter


Tip: If you are having trouble finding the Levers/Buttons that uncover the secret room that the Stanza is found in then squint your eyes and look for the small blue dots on your map. On the map blue dots mean there's either a button that uncovers a secret, a war pedastal or piece of loot you left on the ground.