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The Vai'kesh - Act 2 Broken World Side Quest

Location: Western Vai'kesh Forest
Closest Portal: Western Vai'lutra Forest (South)
Objective: Speak with Rinerel then explore the tomb to the north
Reward: Random Loot & Gold

The Vai'kesh is one of the available Side Quests that you can pick up in Aman'lu during Part 2 of the Broken World Expansion Pack. In Aman'lu you'll want to speak with Talain to begin this quest, he's standing in the only large building left in town near the Armorer.

For this quest you'll first need to speak with Rinerel in the Western Vai'kesh Forest, he's a Vai'kesh which will be friendly to you when you approach him. Rinerel will update your quest and send you to investigate the crypt of bodies to the north. The one elf standing behind Rinerel will confirm his story and leave the area too.

Rinerel of the Vaikesh

Not very far north of this Vai'kesh encampment you'll find a crypt and as Rinerel promised the bodies are inside - along with some unclaimed loot (how sweet). If you need help finding either of these locations check out my map screenshot below. Basically to get to this area you have two choices, you can either teleport to Western Vai'kesh Forest and run east.... Or teleport to Western Vai'lutra Forest (South) and run west.

You'll have to return to the Small Vai'kesh Camp for The Vai'kesh (Part 2) Side Quest as well as for the Celeb'hel the Elder Side Quest.

The Vaikesh Map Locations

After you've found the bodies you'll want to return to Talain in the town of Aman'lu and speak with him to complete the quest.