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The Human Refugees - Act 1 Broken World Side Quest

The Human Refugees Quest Start

Location: Arinth's Heights
Closest Portal: Arinth's Heights (Upper)
Objective: Speak with Jarden then return to Watcher Rena
Reward: Random Loot & Gold

The Human Refugees is a Side Quest in Part 1 of the Broken World Expansion that begins by speaking with Watcher Rena in Arinth's Heights. All you need to do for this quest is to investigate the area behind Watcher Rena to the northwest. If you need help with directions check out my map screenshot below.

You will find a group of unfriendly Dryads in the canyon as well as a lot of human corpses. Search the ridge further northwest to find Jarden, the only human survivor. Speak with him and he'll drop some items for you before running off then return to Watcher Rena and speak with her to complete the quest.

The Human Refugees Map Locations