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Lumilla's Special Recipe - Act 1 Broken World Side Quest

Lumillas Special Recipe Quest Start

Location: Dryad Outpost
Closest Portal: Dryad Outpost
Objective: Collect Ash Leaves, Sage Liniment and Gardenia Leaves
Reward: Enchantable Silver Ring & Lumilla's Cooling Band Recipe

Lumilla's Special Recipe is a Side Quest which you can pick up from the Dryad Outpost in the Broken World Expansion Pack for Dungeon Siege 2. This quest is very similar to Lumilla's Salve from Act 1 in the sense that it is given by the same NPC and requires you to college reagents from the ground or from enemies to complete the quest.

For this quest you will need to bring Lumilla Ash Leaves, Sage Liniment and Gardenia Leaves. If you'd like to see what each of these items looks like check out my screenshots below. In my experience the hardest item to find of them all is Sage Liniment, after about 20 trips to the reagent merchant in Dryad Outpost I finally got one.

Note: After you complete the Anya Side Quest another reagent merchant by the name of Tomas will become available slightly to the south of the Dryad Outpost. I would recommend checking this vendor too if you need any of these reagents as he'll also have a chance of selling them.


Ash Leaves Reagent

Gardenia Leaves Reagent

Sage Liniment Reagent