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Evangeline's Folly - Act 2 Companion Side Quest

Evangelines Folly Quest Start

Location: Southern Vai'lutra Forest
Closest Portal: Southern Vai'lutra Forest (South)
Objective: Rescue the 3 sets of prisoners with Eva in your party
Reward: Random Loot & Gold

Evangeline's Folly is a Side Quest in Act 2 which begins by speaking with Caravan Driver Mylindril next to the Southern Vai'lutra Forest (South) Teleporter with Eva in your party. On Mercenary difficulty you'll have to wait until Eva joins your party later during Act 2. However, on Veteran or Elite difficulty you'll be able to start this quest immediately upon finding Caravan Driver Mylindril.

What you need to do for this quest is to go to a few caves around The Vai'kesh Forest and Arinth's Ravine with Eva in your party and free the prisoners being held there. You probably will remember a few of these locations as you may have visited them before. Each cave will have a door with a Vai'kesh that asks you for a password and so long as Eva is in your party.... you'll know the password ;)

Evangelines Folly Map Location 1
Evangelines Folly Map Location 2

If you need help finding any of the locations for this quest check out my map above. Each spot you need to visit is marked with a #1, #2 or #3. You'll find one cave in The Vai'kesh Forest and the other two in Arinth's Ravine. At each of the caves you'll battle the Vai'kesh here and you'll need to defeat the elite jailer who is holding the cell key.

Open the cell after you've defeated the jailer and then speak with the prisoner to 'rescue' him. In the third cave you'll find Jessic who is the final person you need to rescue; the quest will end after speaking with him. Your reward for this quest is the Big Chest which is found in the same room as Jessic.