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A Family Heirloom (Part 2) - Act 2 Side Quest

A Family Heirloom 2 Quest Start

Location: Small Vai'kesh Prison in the Vai'kesh Forest
Closest Portal: Vai'kesh Forest (South)
Objective: Defeat the Vai'kesh Demon
Reward: Random Loot & Gold

A Family Heirloom (Part 2) is the second part of the A Family Heirloom Side Quest from Act 1. These quests are only connected by the Heirloom Sword item which you obtained in the first version of this quest. You'll find the NPC who gives you version 2 of this quest in what's left of the Inn in Aman'lu (pictured above).

What you will need to do for this quest is travel to the Small Vai'kesh Prison in the Vai'kesh Forest. The fastest way here is to teleport to Vai'kesh Forest (South) and go south from the Teleporter to this cave. If you need guidance getting here use my map screenshot below.

a dark ohm map locations
The closest Teleporter is Vai'kesh Forest (South).

Demon of the Vaikesh on Mercenary

Depending on what your choice was at the end of A Family Heirloom you may need to bring the Heirloom Sword with you to this location. If you gave the Heirloom Sword to Master Thestrin at the end of the previous quest then you'll find him in the tomb for this quest when you go there. There will be a scene, he frees the demon and you'll be treated to some of the best voice acting you could ever imagine during that scene.

However, if you kept the Heirloom Sword then you'll need to bring it with you to this tomb because you'll be the one who frees the demon instead. If you discarded the Heirloom Sword - whoops! You could always get another on a later difficulty then use the sword twice, once on that difficulty and once on this one... that would be your only remedy if you really wanted to complete the quest.

Regardless of what choice you made at the end of the previous quest, what you need to do is defeat the demon who is in this cell. If you have the Heirloom Sword you'll have to trigger the fight yourself but if you gave it to Master Thestrin he'll start the fight for you. Defeat the demon then speak with Athelas in the tomb to complete the quest.