In-game Cheat Commands for Dungeon Siege 2

Dungeon Siege 2 has a handful of built in cheats which will allow you to do a variety of different things. I've tested all of the cheats on this page but only some of them seemed to do stuff. Early on in the game using cheats like +opnauticus and +imalittalteapot will get you a bunch of great items to help yourself out. Along with these two cheats I was fond of +drlife which makes you invulnerable too.



+drlife - makes your party invincible to all damage


+quwhba - It is labeled as insta kill but it doesn't seem to insta kill anything


+movie - start recording a movie
- movie - stop recording a movie


+version - will display what version of the game you're playing


+opnauticus - This cheat creates a Ring of Knowledge at your feet which comes with 5% gold find and +24 Intelligence. It's by far the best ring you can get for casters until level 10-15+


+imalittalteapot - Spawns a weapon, chest armor and a ring at your feet. In my experience this gear is almost always Dexterity based gear


+twilightzone - Activates all of the teleporters in the game allowing you to travel anywhere


+extracreamy - The code says 'Less Chunky' but it seemed to do nothing when I experimented


+superchunky - The code says 'More Chunky'. Much like the extracreamy code, this one did nothing when I experimented with it.