Diablo 2 List of Third Party Mods

Path of Diablo Launcher

I came back to Diablo 2 in 2020 after not having played the game for well over a decade and one of the first things I wanted to know is what mods were available for the game. Sadly there was no single list that answered this question, just scattered information across the internet. As of today though, that problem is now solved since I have decided to put together a complete list of all the available mods for Diablo 2 and what they do!

This page includes mods for the original Diablo 2 as well as links to the Diablo 2 private servers which basically remastered the game in their own way. Examples of this are Median XL and Path of Diablo both of which completely redid talents, fundamentally changing some of them and adding new ones. New parts of the game were added and many new features too.

Let's get started with the mods that change base Diablo, we'll cover more about the private servers later.

PlugY - Increased Stash size, Cow Portal stays open forever and many more changes. This can be used on both 1.13 and 1.14 versions of Diablo 2 as of 2021!

Kolbot - This is a map hack/bot combo third party software for Diablo 2. It does a ton of different things and is strongly recommended.

EnjoySP - One of the least used third party mods I have seen for Diablo 2 but since it still exists I wanted to added it here. It changes many different aspects of the game, read more on the mod page.

Hero Editor - Give yourself max stats, create any item you want, complete any quest you want - change your character in any way you wish to change them.

Perfect Drop Mod - All items get perfect rolls. This is a good mod to use if you'd like to save some time farming for great items for your characters.

Eastern Sun - This overhauls parts of the game and changes skills, areas, enemies and more but is not its own private server like the mods mentioned below.

That covers most of the different mods you can get for Diablo 2 that work in Single Player or on Battle.net. In addition to all of the mods mentioned above there are also some mods for Diablo 2 which are multiplayer/online only (or recommended) that are quite popular.

All of the mods below require their own patchers/launchers for the game and have their own rules and restrictions which will be different than playing on Battle.net with Diablo 2. Keep this in mind when choosing to play on one of these servers.



Diablo 2 Private Servers

Path of Diablo - This is an updated version of Diablo 2 (which is very unstable; servers restart once every 3 hours) that has many Path of Exile features like maps and modding items.

Median XL - One of the lesser played Diablo 2 mods, this private server adds on a bunch of new content to the game, new areas, new levels, new quests, new spells. Best way to look at this is like Diablo 2 DLC.

Project Diablo 2 - Released in 2020 this private server adds a few different features but most importantly it creates more endgame content that is heavily focused on multiplayer coordination.