Memory: Weapon Rune Word - Diablo 2

Memory Rune Word in Gnarled Staff

Memory is a staff only Rune Word that most players never bother with. When you use a staff you can't use a shield which means you're sacrificing an entire armor slot and losing all the benefits you'd gain from a shield. Typically the only people who use Memory are those who pre-buff Energy Shield before a hard fight (you can weapon swap to this Rune Word to get +6 Energy Shield).

Alternatively, anyone who doesn't have a good shield or a good weapon but you have some gray staff with 4 open Sockets; Memory may not be a bad choice for you. Keep in mind that when crafting this Rune Word as well as any other Rune Word in the game any pre-existing bonuses on the weapon will remain.

Keep in mind that all Rune Words you create will retain any pre-existing bonuses found on the item. If you find a 'Superior' piece of armor with +Enhanced Defense, a Superior Weapon with +Enhanced Damage or a Helm/Weapon that has +Skill bonuses for a certain class, all of these will remain on the final Rune Word that is created. It's also possible to 'ebug' a piece of Ethereal Armor that you find which will increase the Defense bonuses by 50%, check out my Ebugging Guide for more information.


Farming High Runes: Out of all locations in the game one stands above the rest for farming specifically High Runes, the Countess during Act 1. The Countess has a guaranteed chance to always drop a High Rune and can even drop more than one. Check out my The Countess Farming Guide for more information.


Required Runes: Lum RuneLum -- Io RuneIo -- Sol RuneSol -- Eth RuneEth
Level Req: 37
Other Req: N/A
Slots: Staves Only

+3 To Sorceress Skill Levels
+33% Faster Cast Rate
+9 To Minimum Damage
-25% Target Defence
+3 To Energy Shield (Sorceress Only)
+2 To Static Field (Sorceress Only)
+50% Enhanced Defense
+10 Vitality
+10 Energy
Increase Maximum Mana 20%
Magic Damage Reduced By 7


Memory Rune Word in Elder Staff


Memory Rune Word in Gothic Staff