Faith: Weapon Rune Word - Diablo 2

Faith Runeword in Ceremonial Bow

Faith is the most popular choice for a Weapon Rune Word among Bowzons, any Amazon build that specializes primarily in Bows or Crossbows. It comes with Fanaticism Aura as well as 330% bonus Enhanced Damage which is an insanely good combination for Bowzons.

This Rune Word also comes with a "Reanimate As Returned" affix which gives you a 10% chance to reanimate any enemy you kill using basically the same Revive spell Necromancers do. Along the the Bowzon's Valkyrie these minions will serve as the Bowzon's tanks and not only take hits but also help keep enemies in one place and away from the Bowzon. This allows you more time firing and less time kiting overall.

Keep in mind that all Rune Words you create will retain any pre-existing bonuses found on the item. If you find a 'Superior' piece of armor with +Enhanced Defense, a Superior Weapon with +Enhanced Damage or a Helm/Weapon that has +Skill bonuses for a certain class, all of these will remain on the final Rune Word that is created. It's also possible to 'ebug' a piece of Ethereal Armor that you find which will increase the Defense bonuses by 50%, check out my Ebugging Guide for more information.


Farming High Runes: Out of all locations in the game one stands above the rest for farming specifically High Runes, the Countess during Act 1. The Countess has a guaranteed chance to always drop a High Rune and can even drop more than one. Check out my The Countess Farming Guide for more information.


Required Runes: Ohm RuneOhm -- Jah RuneJah -- Lem RuneLem -- Eld RuneEld
Level Req: 65
Other Req: Ladder Only
Slots: Missile Weapons (Bow & Crossbow)

Level 12-15 Fanaticism Aura When Equipped (varies)
+1-2 To All Skills (varies)
+330% Enhanced Damage
Ignore Target's Defense
300% Bonus To Attack Rating
+75% Damage To Undead
+50 To Attack Rating Against Undead
+120 Fire Damage
All Resistances +15
10% Reanimate As: Returned
75% Extra Gold From Monsters


Faith Rune Word in Ward Bow


Faith Rune Word in Diamond Bow


Faith Rune Word in Short Battle Bow