Loot Worth Keeping - Diablo 2


Aside from Rings and Amulets the most valuable Magic items are typically the Class Specific Items all three of these items can still roll something really good despite being Magic. To learn more about what makes Rings and Amulets good check out my Rings Worth Keeping and Amulets Worth Keeping Guides. To learn more about Class Specific items follow either of the two links on this page.

This page is going to cover additional magical items that aren't Jewelry. For the most part the overwhelming majority of magic items are trash and not worth anything more than the vendor pays. The most valuable items in Diablo 2 are those with +Skills on them and for that reason most of the class specific items sell to a vendor for the most gold.

For the most part the only other magic items that players are interested in are Helms (Circlets, Coronets, Tiaras and Diadems) and Shields (Monarch with an of deflecting roll or any Paladin shield with multiple sockets and high +All Res rolls). Depending on if you're playing on Hardcore or at the start of a ladder certain blue armors may be useful too. If you manage to find a blue piece of armor with 80 - 100 Life or Mana that also has 4 open sockets it'll usually be worth something.



Circlets, Coronets, Tiaras & Diadems:

All four of these items fall under the general category of "Circlets" in Diablo 2 and what makes Circlets unique is that they can roll +2 or +3 to skills whereas most other helms can not. For this reason even regular Magic Circlets can still carry value if you manage to get a good roll.

Circlets & Coronets can roll 2 Sockets max whereas Tiaras and Diadems can roll up to 3.

Melee Circlets Worth Keeping:

Req: +2 or +3 to Skills
Req (Any of): 2 or 3 Sockets; 30 Faster Run and Walk; Strength and Dexterity, Attack Rating, Life Leech/Life Stolen Per Hit, Fire or Lightning Resist

Caster Circlets Worth Keeping:

Req: +2 or +3 to Skills
Req: 20 or 30% Faster Cast Rate
Rec: 2 or 3 Sockets, Life Replenish or Mana Replenish (Also known as Mana or Life After Each Kill), Energy, Mana or Life rolls of any kind, Fire or Lightning Resist

Shields, Monarch and Paladins:


Following Shields you should definetly keep: