Lower Tombs (Chapter 6 Story) Overview - Baldur's Gate 2

Lower Tombs Chapter 6 Overview

This version of the Lower Tombs is only accessible during Chapter 6 when you return here to kill Bodhi. When you visit the Lower Tombs this time only the upper half with the Vampires will be accessible. Our goal is to kill all the Vampires here and go downstairs into Bodhi's Lair.

If you had Drizzt agree to assist you when you spoke to him after leaving the Underdark then you'll find him in the same room that contains the Pool of Blood on the 1st floor. You can also use the Holy Water that Elhan gave you on this pool to decrease how many Vampires you have to fight throughout these tombs.

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Drizzt: If you asked Drizzt to help you when you talked to him after leaving the Underdark you'll find him in this room. You'll also find the Pool of Blood in this room as well which you can use Holy Water on that was given to you by Elhan. Using the Holy Water on the blood will decrease the amount of Vampires you fight while clearing this dungeon.

Coffins: Like always, at this location you will find 3 Coffins and you'll be able to use your Wooden Stakes on them for 9k EXP each. Of course you'll have to defeat enough Vampires first to fill the coffins up though.

Vamp Central: As the name suggests, this room is Vampire Central. If you haven't used the Holy Water on the Pool of Blood in Drizzt's room then you'll be facing at least a dozen Vampires here. While it may be really good EXP to fight all of these Vampires you should be very careful with Level Drains.

Gauntlets: Only during Chapter 6 will you find this item here, the Pool of Blood in the center of this room is now a container which has a pair of Gauntlets in it. The Gauntlets are Legacy of the Masters which is one of the best in slot items in this game.



Bodhi Lair Chapter 6 Overview

This is Bodhi's lair, you'll be visiting this place during Chapter 3 for Lassal and during Chapter 6 you're here for Bodhi. I recommend you buff up in the hallway as much as possible then open the door and send in 5 Animate Dead Skeletons. The fight doesn't start until you enter the room so you can get your summons in place before you even have to worry about Bodhi.


Bodhi Fight: In this room you will have your final confrontation with Bodhi. As you can probably imagine this is going to be a difficult fight. Make sure to take your time buffing up and summoning pets to assist you in this battle. I recommend Animate Dead for pets since they'll be immune to the Vampire's Level Drain attacks. For those of you who need additional help fighting Bodhi check out my BG2 Beginner's Guide, I give tons of strategies and information in that guide about how to make tough fights like this easier.

Rhynn Lanthorn: After defeating Bodhi make sure to stake her in the coffin here. The coffin is also a container which will have Cutthroat +4 and a Wooden Stake in it, Bodhi was nice enough to bring her own stake for you... how kind.