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Baldur's Gate 2 Guides & Walkthroughs





(AR0300) Docks District:

(AR0301 - AR0304) Mae'Var's Guildhall:

(AR0305 - AR0307) Shadow Thief Guildhall:

(AR0400) Slums District: The Slums District is the 2nd area you'll visit in Athkatla and is home to various dungeons and companions. All companions here can be found at the Copper Coronet which is the main bar in the Slums. The Planar Sphere dungeon is found in the northwest portion of this area and requires a bit of side questing to gain entry. Slaver Stockade can be accessed by either lock picking the front door or by going through the Slums Sewers which connects the Copper Coronet to the Slaver Stockade.

(AR0404) Slums Sewers:

(AR0405) Slaver Stockade: You can access this dungeon by traveling through the Slums Sewers or by entering through the front entrance in the slums. For the most part this dungeon is entirely optional, there are many magical items that you can collect throughout this dungeon but none of them are very notable. Some of the slaves in this dungeon are part of the Free Hendak and the slaves side quest; when you free them you will complete the quest.

(AR0406) Copper Coronet: Anomen, Korgan, Hexxat and Nalia are all potential companions that can be recruited here. There are various side quests and other activities that you can complete at this bar as well. Most notably is the Free Hendak and the slaves side quest which begins by talking to Hendak in the slave quarters of this establishment. To gain access to the back rooms ask Lehtinan about "companionship" or "special entertainment" and he'll let you into the back. Tuigan Bow is a powerful Shortbow that can be obtained during this quest by defeating the Beastmaster.

(AR0410 - AR0414) Planar Sphere:

(AR0500) Bridge District:

(AR0516) Planar Prison:

(AR0700) Waukeen's Promenade: Various vendors can be found here with the Adventurer's Mart being the best. Inside the Adventurer's Mart building you will find multiple vendors, one of which sells a bunch of highly priced magical items. The Circus Tent is a short dungeon that is found in this area as well.

(AR0600 - AR0606) Circus Tent: You can find this building inside Waukeen's Promenade.

(AR0800) Graveyard District:

(AR0801 - AR0803) Lower Tombs:

(OH7000) Dragomir's Tomb:

(OH7100) Crypts of Durkon:

(OH7200) Tomb of the Unproved:

(AR0900) Temple District:

(AR0701) Temple District Sewers:

(AR0711) Mekrath's Lair:

(AR0202) Cult Compound:

(AR0204) Lower Reaches:

(AR0201 & AR0206) Ghoul Town:

(AR1000) Government District: