Baldur's Gate 1 - Chapter 7 Walkthrough

Flaming Fist Soldier in BG

You will begin the final chapter of the game after leaving the Candlekeep Catacombs. Our next task is to travel back to Baldur's Gate, in particular a good place to start is Baldur's Gate: East. While we were gone Sarevok has taken over Baldur's Gate; Scar has been assassinated and Duke Eltan poisoned and in critical condition. The Flaming Fist Mercenaries that patrol town have orders to arrest you on sight if you're spotted as well.

For this reason navigating the town of Baldur's Gate just got a lot more difficult. The only safe way to navigate town is through the sewers from now on otherwise you'll always have a chance of running into a Flaming Fist soldier. The first time you are captured by Flaming Fist Mercenaries you'll be thrown into prison and you'll have to speak with Neb in the prison to escape. Alternatively, if you have Shar-teel in your party you'll get 1 literal 'get out of jail free card' since she is the daughter of Angelo, the person who takes Scar's place and puts you into prison.

The answer to Neb's riddle is 33, giving him the correct answer will set you free. After you escape prison the first time you will never be sent back and instead all guards will attack you on sight. Killing the guards will get you a negative hit to your Reputation and if you have a Paladin or Ranger in your party will cause them to become 'Fallen' and lose access to many of their spells.

Neb Correct Answer

When it comes to avoiding the Flaming Fist throughout town I can give you a couple pieces of advice...

#1 - Primarily use the sewers since the Flaming Fist will not follow you inside of them.
#2 - When you switch between portions of Baldur's Gate by entering the world map the Flaming Fist will not follow you, I recommend you use this tactic to lose them.
#3 - If you're not playing on Story Mode I recommend you use fists instead of your weapons and knock the guards unconscious that attack you
#4 - Avoid killing at all costs if you're playing a Paladin or Ranger or any Good aligned team
#5 - Use Hold Person on your Wizards to stop Flaming Fist Guards from following you

Anyone who is playing a Good aligned team is going to find this part of the game to be seriously annoying. It's difficult not to kill the guards who chase you or corner you and if you try to incapacitate them there's a chance you'll still kill them a suffer a massive Reputation hit. Those of you playing a Ranger or Paladin can not kill any guards or you'll become Fallen and pretty much ruin your character.

If you're anything like me and reading this then you want to get this part of the game over as quickly as possible. For this reason I have 2 lists below; the first list tells you what you must to do advance the story and that is it. The second list is a more scenic route around town which will have you talk to numerous NPCs that will give you some backstory about what happened while you were gone.

Basically, Sarevok has killed Scar and poisoned Duke Eltan and plans to take over. There's a lot of other things going wrong in town too as you will hear from different NPCs as you run through the town.


How to Advance The Story:

1. Go into the Iron Throne Headquarters and defeat Cythandria on the 5th floor. Loot the 2 letters from Sarevok's Assassins and diary from her; read all of them.
2. Visit the Undercellar inside the sewers and defeat Slyth and Krystin; loot the Invitation to the Ducal Palace from their bodies
3. Show the Invitation to the Ducal Palace to Bill in front of the palace in Baldur's Gate: North to gain entry


The Scenic Route:

1. Speak to Delthyr outside Sorcerous Sundries in Baldur's Gate: East
2. Speak with Tamoko outside and to the north of Sorcerous Sundries in Baldur's Gate: East
3. Meet Tamoko outside the Flaming Fist Compound in Baldur's Gate: Southwest and speak with her
4. Defeat Benjy inside the Flaming Fist Compound and take Duke Eltan's Body from the 2nd floor
5. Take Duke Eltan to the Harbormaster inside the Harbor Master's Building in Baldur's Gate: South
6. Enter the Iron Throne Citadel and confront Cythandria on the 5th floor. Defeat her and loot the
7. Visit the Undercellar inside the sewers and defeat Slyth and Krystin; loot the Invitation to the Ducal Palace from their bodies
8. Show the Invitation to the Ducal Palace to Bill in front of the palace in Baldur's Gate: North to gain entry

Once you're inside the Ducal Palace you'll have a scene with Sarevok and the Nobleman then you'll be attacked by Dopplegangers. After the fight show Sarevok's Diary or the letters from the assassins to Belt or Liia Jannath and then you'll have a fight with Sarevok himself which will not last long.

Sarevok 1st Boss Battle

Sarevok is teleported out of the palace by his master and you're tasked with following him. You will be teleported to the Thieves Guild after which you'll have to go downstairs and into the maze. It's filled with enemies and traps but the exit you're looking for is in the northwest. When you find Winski Perorate, Sarevok's now dying master you'll know that you've found the exit to the Undercity.

The Undercity is one of the final areas we'll be exploring in the game, our destination is in the northwest portion of the area but there are enemies all throughout we can defeat. Shortly after entering the Undercity you will encounter Rahvim and his group of mercenaries which will be a rather difficult fight. You also may run into Tamoko before entering the large building in the northwest if you talked to her back in Baldur's Gate.

Make sure you save your game before going into the building as the final boss fight will take place in here and there is not much fanfare before it. Once Sarevok spots you you'll be thrown into dialogue with him after which is the final boss fight. After you've defeated Sarevok you'll immediately be thrown into a cutscene and when it's done you'll awaken at the start of the Siege of Dragonspear DLC.



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