Elyos Leveling Guide 34 - 36(37) Undead

Over on this island you will find Undead mobs that are level 34. There are plenty of Undead on this island for everyone to kill. Your only problem with this island would be getting ganked. Since this is a shared island amongst Asmodians and Elyos.

Fearful SpiritRestless Skeleton

Elyos Abyss Leveling Video:

Luckily you will only need to deal with this island until you are level 36, then you will be able to switch to the next area. If the Undead get too ganky you can kill the elementals on the string of islands just north of you:

Elemental Islands in Upper Abyss

Or if you first arrive here and it is too ganky you can always kill the Balaur on the island further north of you. Note that this island with Balaur is probly a worse choice even then the Undead island. Mainly for the sole purpose of Asmodians know this island is "safe".

When you reach level 36 or 37 you will have two different areas you can go to. One of them is the Drakes which are just southeast of you and the other is the Kysis. Since many people are following my leveling guide and I tell the Asmodians to go to the Drakes, I will tell you to go to the Kysis.

Kysis Isle

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