Elyos Leveling Guide 20 - 22

Once you arrive at Meniherk Excavation Camp you will want to go a tad southwest to where I am in the picture. Here you will find plenty of mobs from levels 20/21/22. You should be fine killing any of them, but if you're not avoid the higher level ones.

Crimson Barrens

You will want to grind here until you are level 21. Once you reach level 21 you will want to return to camp and grab all of the quests. Don't forget to refresh the "Unearthing the Truth" quest at the far northern end of camp. Before leaving town you should have the following quests:

Kerubar Interference
Kuomonerk's Side Job
Agrint Afire
Pests Among the Vegetables
A Map Made of Stone

First quest you will want to do is "Agrint Afire". From town you will want to follow the road south, for a better location take a look at my map below.

Tartagan Location

When you reach Tartagan, speak with him and refresh your quest. After you finish here you will want to continue back towards town, but stop at the Kerubian Camp you passed on the way to Tartagan. Take a look at my map below for the exact location:


Here you will want to kill 7 Kerubian Bandits and 5 Kerubar Workers. When you finish your quest you will want to kill 7 Wasteland Gorgons and 11 Stinking Clodworms. The Wasteland Gorgons (Blue Ring) can be found south of the Kerubians in the Crimson Barrens. The Stinking Clodworms can be found west of where the Gorgons are (Red Ring).

Crimson Barrens

When you finish this quest return to were you where grinding from 20-21. Here you will want to kill Kalgolems for Kalgolem StonesKalgolem Stones and Spiners for Spiner CarapaceSpiner Carapace. Once you finish your quest you will want to return to town and turn in all of your quests. Now what you will want to do is grind the repeatable quest "Kuomonerk's Side Job" until level 22.

Once you reach level 22 you will want to return to Sanctum and buy new skills. Once you get your new skills you will want to Teleport to Eltnen.

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