Aion PvP Guides

PvP In Aion comes in two major forms. One is the large 3 part PvP zone, The Abyss. The Abyss, also sometimes called Reshanta is the main form of PvP in Aion. It has 9 capturable Fortresses and also tons of capturable Artifacts. None of these will be able to be taken alone and will most likely need a large Raid Group or very Organized Party.

The second form of PvP is Rifting. Rifting is the form of "World PvP" in Aion. In 3 zones for each faction "Rifts" can open which connect the Asmodian's world, Asmodae to the Elyos's world, Elysea. Players are able to go through the Rift and turn up in the opposing factions zone. Once here you will be able to of course, kill the opposing faction.

In order to gain access to The Abyss you must be level 25 and also complete 4 Campaign quests. When you reach level 25 the first quest will appear in your quest log. When you complete it the second one will appear, rinse and repeat. After you complete all 4 quests you will gain access to The Abyss.

Now that you have access to The Abyss, the thing they don't tell you is how to get there. Above each main town that you can fly in, Morheim, Beluslan and Altgard for Asmodians. For the Elyos Eltnen, Heiron and Veteron will be a large ring. When you fly up to this ring you will be able to click on it, that will grant you access to The Abyss.

The Abyss

The Abyss isn't strictly a PvP zone, you are also able to PvE here and level up. As it says on Aion's website The Abyss is a PvPvE zone, meaning it has PvP mixed in with PvE. There is a 3rd faction in The Abyss called the Balaur. The Balaur are able to control the forts and artifacts as well as players. They Balaur aren't always a "Neutral" faction and can join either Elyos or Asmodians in a time of need or despair.

The Balaur are the default faction to control all of the objectives in The Abyss. The Abyss is a huge zone that can't be fully learned or mastered over night, expect to almost always learn something new everyday here for quite awhile. Below are some guides to help you out when it comes down to learning The Abyss

Flight Rings



The Balaur


Abyss Gear/Points


As discussed earlier Rifting is the second form of PvP in Aion. Rifting is a lot less common then The Abyss PvP for the sole purpose of finding a Rift is much harder then finding action in The Abyss. There isn't anything really to explain about Rifts, so below I'll give you Rift locations as well as some tips for Rifting.

- Rifts last for 26 minutes before they disappear

- Rifts have level requirements to enter. Usually the further away from the Fortress the Rift is the higher level requirement to enter.

- Rifts also have a set amount of people they will allow to enter before they disappear. The closer the Rift is to the fort the less people it will let in before it disappears.

- If you kill too many low level players you will get a curse that will display you as a skull on the map. Everyone is able to see this so when you get the curse, no where is safe.

- Many people ask how can they tell if a Rift is open if they've been in the zone awhile and missed the announcement or where afk. You can tell if a Rift is open by looking up into the sky. If you see something that looks like this then there is a rift open.