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Almar's Aion Farming Guides

This section is dedicated to Farming Guides for Aion. I've broken this page up into 3 different sections Asmodian, Elyos and Misc. In Aion the world is broken in half which means each of the two factions will have their own unique farming areas. Of course if you travel through a rift there is a chance you could farm at an Elyos/Asmodian area however, that is very unlikely. Please click on the farming guides below that you would like to see.

Asmodian Farming Guides

Level 20 - Curse of Roots & Body Root Stigmas
Level 20 - Sleep Arrow & Holy Shield Stigmas
Level 20 - Advanced Dual Wield & Curse of Roots Stigmas
Level 20 - Flurry & Healing Conduit Stigmas
Stone Fist Safiro Farming
#1 Area - Balaur in Beluslan Farming

Iron Ore 15+
Tacoma Log
Gold Ore & Titanium 160+
Adamantium, Platinum & Garnet Ore 210+
Salix Log Farming 250+
Xilix, Pressa, Salix & Orichalcum 300+
Almeha Farming Location 280+

Almar's Asmodian Extract Vitality Farming Guide (Under Construction)

Elyos Farming Guides


Farming Guides for Both Factions

Balaur in Lower Abyss
Balaur in Upper Abyss (33+)
Balaur in Upper Abyss (40+)
Ranx Balaur in Upper Abyss (40+)
Adamantium, Platinum & Garnet Farming in The Upper Abyss


How To Make Kinah (PlayNC Powerbook is Source)
Almar's Universal Money Making Guide

Asmodian "Materials for 100 Slot Cube Quest"
Elyos "Materials for 100 Slot Cube Quest"