Titanium Ore Farming Guide


Titanium Ore is the second level of ore that Armor Smiths and Weapon Smiths use when crafting, well, Armor and Weapons! Titanium Ore is also used in some collection quests for these levels making it pretty valueable on the AH. There are 4 different possible areas for you to farm Titanium Ore. Below is a list of each of these areas giving you a detailed synpasis on each and also a picture of where you can find the ore.

Titanium Ore Farming Location

Titanium Farming Location

This is a great location for you to farm Titanium Ore regardless of your level. You will find quite a bit of Titanium here for you to gather. Another plus to this area is you can also collect Wrug Logs while you're here. Wrud Logs are used by Handicrafters and are usually pretty saught after. Take note that this is the only place that is worth it to collect both Titanium and Wrud.

The only downside of this area is that it is very close to town and usually can get a bit overcrowded. However since it is so close to town it also means the chance of getting ganked is pretty low. There is also quite a few Neutral mobs around this area that will not bother to agro you.

One of the Best Locations to Farm Titanium Ore

Titanium Farming Location

This is one of the best areas I've found to farm for straight up Titanium Ore. You can find it almost every where around the walls of Salintus Desert. The most common place to find it over here however is the Fortress of Spirits. This area is a bit crowded with mobs, actually not just a bit. This area is littered with mobs.

I don't recommend trying to collect Titanium in this area unless you are above 27 and can sometimes handle a few mobs at once. Also don't forget, the higher level you are the less chance the mob has to even agro you.

Titanium Ore Farming

Titanium Farming Location

Another great place for you to farm Titanium Ore is Salintus Rise. This area has a ton of Titanium Ore all around the sides of the mountains. You'll have to watch out though because this area has many 4 white dotted mobs. This means farming here could become quite dangerous depending on what level you are.

Titanium & Gold Ore Farming in Brusthonin

Titanium Farming Location

This is the best possible area for you to farm for Gold Ore. However this is only a mediocre area for you to farm for Titanium Ore. You can find a bit of Titanium Ore mixed in with the Gold but you will find Gold Ore much more often then Titanium Ore. To further demonstrate how amazing this area is for Gold Ore take a look at the video below.