Ruby Farming Guide


Ruby Ore is a rare ore that can be most commonly found in Beluslan. Ruby Ore is used in Handicrafting and Alchemy. When mining a Ruby Ore deposit, much like other "rare gem" deposits you get 1 tick. When gathering Ruby Ore you will get one of 3 of the following items.

Ruby Ore
Big Ruby Ore
Recovery Crystal

Both the Ruby Ores are used in Handicrafting and Alchemy. The final item, Recovery Crystal is a potion type item. When used it will restore your HP and MP by 5000. Now, the best possible place for you to farm Ruby Ore is just north of Red Mane Cavern. Up here you will find caves littered with Ruby Ore for you to extract.

Ruby Spawn Locations

Each of these caves normally has at least two or 3 Ruby Deposits in each, usually alloting you roughly 10 Ruby every time you hit up all 4 caves. In the mean time while you wait for respawns of the Ruby you can find Zeller, Mithril, Pressa and Orichalcum around here.