Orichalcum Ore Farming Guide


Orichalcum Ore is the final level of Ore in the game. It is used in creating some of the best possible armor and weapons in the game. Since this is the case this ore is pretty valueable and very commonly used in Armorsmithing/Weaponsmithing. Much like other Ore out there, there is multiple stages of it. When mining Orichalcum you can get the following

Orichalcum Ore
High-grade Orichalcum Ore
Pure Orichalcum Ore
Brilliant Orichalcum Ore

Brilliant Orichalcum Ore is the Orange version of Orichalcum Ore, also know as the rarest and final level of the ore. There are many, many, many different places for players to farm for Orichalcum Ore. It's hard to say if there is a best place to farm for it. More then likely you'll be switching or alternating areas depending on where is crowded and where isn't.

Below is a list of locations that I think deserve the title "Great places to farm Orichalcum Ore". Each area will contain a picture of where to find the Ore and a quick synapsis on the area. Also please note, I'm sorry for giving away your favorite areas to farm for Orichalcum Ore, it's what I'm here for. =D

Red Mane Cavern Orichalcum Ore Farming (My Favorite Spot)

Orichalcum Farming Location

This is probably my favorite spot to farm for Orichalcum Ore. The main reason this spot is my favorite is because not only will you find a ton of Orichalcum Ore but you will also find Anathe Fiber and Asvata Logs. Even if you decide you don't want to collect the Anathe Fiber or Asvata Logs you can do 1 full circuit and have the first Orichalcum deposit be up when you finish the last.

Besfer Refugee Camp Orichalcum Ore Farming (Not a bad spot)

Orichalcum Farming Location

Just south of Besfer Refugee Camp is another place to farm Orichalcum Ore. This is a rather subpar place and until you learn where all the Orichalcum Nodes are it will suck. To better help you find each of the nodes take a look at my video below.

Frost Spirit Valley Orichalcum Farming (Good Alternative if other places are crowded)

Orichalcum Farming Location

This is a half way decent spot for you to farm for Orichalcum Ore as well. The main reason this spot is good is because you can collect so many other goodies down in this valley at the same time. If you're looking for just Orichalcum Ore this is not the place for you.

Brusthonin Orichalcum Ore Farming (The most Orichalcum Ore for your Buck)

Orichalcum Farming Location

This area probably has the most Orichalcum Ore scattered around it for you to gather. The only downside of this area is it has mobs that are usually 46+ that will agro you quite commonly. The good news is, well, there is a shit ton of Orichalcum Ore here for you to gather. You could have 3 - 6 people in this area and still not run out of Orichalcum Ore to gather.

This area gets my stamp of Approval for best possible place to gather Orichalcum Ore. Also as said before, don't worry about this place being over crowded, it is almost impossible for enough people to be here. There will almost always be enough Orichalcum Ore for everyone.