Kandula Farming Guide


Kandula is a herb that is used in the Alchemy Profession and can be gathered in Altgard. Kandula requires you to have 45 Extract Vitality Skill in order to gather it and is by far the best possible choice for raising your Extract Vitality from 45 to the upper 60's. The best place for you to gather Kandula is the Mosbear Habitat. Although I prefer Griblade Crater Lake.

At Griblade Crater Lake you are able to Gather Kandula as well as other goodies to help you raise your skill. Also if you're low level then this is a much friendlier place with less chance for mobs to agro you.

Kandula at Mosbear Habitat
Kandula Farming Location

Kandula at Griblade Crater Lake
Kandula Farming Location