Gold Ore Farming Guide

GoldBrusthonin Gold Farming Path

The best place possible for you to farm Gold and Titanium is in Northeastern Brusthodin. All along the wall you can find Gold and Titanium literally side by side. It is almost impossible to run out of deposits for you to mine. Usually in an hours time I can pull in 500-800 Gold. It all depends on how often you fail to gather it and how long it takes you.

Regardless, if you need Gold Ore. There is no better place to be then this wall in Brusthodin. I can ramble on for hours of how you're gonna freak out when you get here by the amount of gold, probly wet your pants. You really just need to see it for yourself. Here you will find:

Gold Ore
Titanium Ore
High-Grade Gold Ore
High-Grade Titanium Ore
Topaz Ore