Asvata Log Farming Guide

Asvata Log

Asvata Log is used by Handicrafters to craft some of the best Staffs and Bows in the game. Asvata Wood is the last stage of wood for Asmodians. The best place for you to farm this is southeastern Beluslan. Avasta Wood can be found in other places in Beluslan and Brusthodin but not as clustered together as these two locations.

These two locations have level 42 and 43 mobs, so I recommend being about that level before comming here to farm. The location further south, the better location, has the same level mobs but most of them are "Neutral". This means they will not agro you unless you attack them first. Beware of a camp down here that has elites at it. This could quickly end your fun farming experience over here.

Asvata Log Farming Locations

Asvata Log Alternate Farming Place

Asvata Log Farming Locations

This is the second best place for you to farm for Asvata Logs. The reason this place isn't number one is because of the massive amount of mobs that are usually surrounding the logs or otherwise in your way. You will also find quite a bit of Anathe Fiber in this area, but of course your main focus wil be the Asvata Logs. The most Asvata Logs in the area will be found around "tree people".

Quite fitting, yes, but also quite annoying since they are all clustered together and generally rather annoying to kill because they heal. There are no true "pockets" of Asvata Logs around here. But if I'd have to say the most common place in this whole area to find Asvata is right above where it says "The Saplands" on the map. Here you will find about 5 nodes of Asvata that spawn pretty close to one another.