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Asmodian Extract Aether Guide 250 - 300

Shining Vortex

When your skill reaches 250 you will have spread out even more then you did at 225 to find the Shining Vortexs. My 3 favorite ones are the ones inside the town and just to the upper left hand side of town. They are close together and there are quite a few easy spots around to land and rest. Below is a map of the locations of 255 Shining Vortexs.

Shining Vortex Locations in Beluslan Fortress

When your skill reaches 275 you luck out. All of the Shining Vortexs magically get close to one another again and aren't so spread out. There are 4 Vortexs all in town or at least very close to it. Needless to say, most of your time will be spent resting and rotating the vortexs. Below is a list of all the 275 Vortex locations.

Shining Vortex Locations in Beluslan Fortress

The 275 Vortexs will of course take you up to 300. Once you reach 300 you will want to go to the final place to Gather Aether. This place is of course, Morheim's Fire Temple.