Raising Extract Vitality Guide (50 - 100)

When your skill reaches 50 with Extract Vitality it is time to head to Griblade Crater Lake. Here you will want to grind on Kandula, Iron Ore, Crystal Ore and Porel.


You'll have to gather everything around this lake to strech your skill to 85 before you can go to the next area. The next area you will want to go is the Impetusium. It is far southeast of where you are now.


Here at the Impetusium you will find two new types of Materials for you to gather, Blicora and Ringa. Blicora requires 85 skill to gather and Ringa requires 90 skill to gather.


The Blicora will take you to skill level 90 where you will then be able to pick the Ringa bush. The Ringa will take you up to skill level 99 where you will need to return to Pandemonium and purchase the next skill level.