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Raising Extract Vitality Guide (350 - 399)

Now you are on the final stretch of Extract Vitality, you will want to continue in the area you are gathering the Avaste Logs and other materials until your skill is 365. Once your skill reaches 365 you will want to pack your bags and head southeast to the Grobule area.

GrobuleGrobule Farming Area

You will want to collect Grobule over here until your skill reaches 375. At that time you will want to head a tad further east to the next and final area to gather goodies. Over here you will find Cippo and Leopis. Much like the previous materials we have gathered these materials can also be sold on the Auction House and do actually sell quite well.


The Cippo requires 375 skill in order to gather and the Leopis requires 390 skill in order to gather. Both of these will take you to 399. Congrats! You've now maxed out your Extract Vitality Skill and you can now go and do other things such as.... hmm... use it to farm some materials to sell on the Auction House or PvP or PvE or... you get the point!