Raising Extract Vitality Guide (300 - 350)

When you train your skill up to 300 you will want to return to the area where we collected Almeha and continue collecting it! You will want to stay here and collect the Almeha until your skill is 310. After you get your skill to 310 you will want to continue east to the area right outside of Besfer Refugee Camp. There are 8 or 9 spawns of Orichalcum Ore over here. You will need to gather these until your skill is 320 or 325. Below is a map and video of where you can find each Orichalcum Deposit.

Besfer Refugee Camp Orichalcum Farming Locations

Once your skill reaches 320 or 325 you will want to fly to Red Mane Cavern. From Red Mane Cavern you will want to Glide down to the cavern just west of the town.

Red Mane Cavern

Down here you will find Anathe, Merone & Mithril. All three of these items are considered "high end" crafting materials and will actualy be the first set of materials you can start selling on the Auction House. It's been a long time since I last played but you should be able to get a decent amount of Kinah from the Anathe, I am unsure of the other two. Anway, back to raising your skills. Mithril only takes 320 to Gather but the Merone takes 325 and Anathe 330. You will want to gather all materials here until your skill is 340/345.


Once your skill reaches 340 you will want to return to Red Mane Cavern and exit from the Northeast. When you exit you will want to continue east following the road to our next area.

Red Mane Cavern Farming Area

Over here you will find Vigen and Avasta Wood for you to gather. Avasta Wood requires a skill of 340 and Vigen requires a skill of 335. Much like the previous three materials these two you will be able to sell on the Auction House. I am not sure of the Asvata Log prices anymore but back when I played they were pretty high. I recommend listing the items on the Auction House once or twice, if they don't sell then do whatever else you'd like with them!

VigenAsvata Log

These two materials will take you to 350 and beyond! Yes, that made me think of Buzz Light year too, don't worry you're not crazy. Or are you? ...