Raising Extract Vitality Guide (200 - 250)

Raising your Extract Vitality skill from 200 - 250 is actually the easiest and some of the best money making skill levels you will find. The place you will want to go to raise your Extract Vitality is right outside Beluslan. Here you will find Adamantium, Platinum and Garnet Deposits which will take you up to about 230 - 240.

You can grind here until 250 but it's just not effecient enough if you're trying to raise the skill quickly. However it will be some hella good money. This area is actually one of my prefered farming areas. So, take a look at the video below of the path I use:

Once your skill reaches 230 you will want to head northeast of the area where you are farming to just east of the Mosbear Snowfield.

Mosbear Snowfield

Up here you will want to collect the herb Rogen. It has quite a few noteable spawning locations, just grind the Mosbears while you're waiting to keep up with the spawns.


Once your skill reaches 250 you will want to go back the way you came up here over to the Mosbear Snowfield. Over here you will find an abundance of Salix Logs which will take you pretty far through my next guide.