Raising Extract Vitality Guide (1 - 50)

When starting out from levels 1 - 10 you will only be able to raise your Extract Vitality skill to 49. In the starter zone there are 3 different nodes that you will be focusing on Gathering. These nodes are, Azpha. Below is a picture of the node:


The Azpha Herb can be found all around Ishalgen, the newbie area. This herb will take you all the way up to skill level 15. Once you reach level 15 with your Extract Vitality skill you will be able to gather Mela.


Mela can most commonly be found around Anturoon Crossing. Once your skill gets above 20 you will want to start collecting Iron Ore. Iron Ore can be found at the MuMu Farmland, northwest of Anturoon Crossing or South of Altgard. Iron Ore is the biggest money maker for your Gathering at this level, so you can stick with it until your skill is 30+.


Next up after Iron Ore is Tikel. Tikel can be found west of Altgard all over Moslan Forest and MuMu Farmland. Tikel requires 25 skill in order to gather.


Before heading past Basfelt Village with Gathering you will want to make sure your skill is at least 50. Around the walls in the MuMu Farmland you can also find Silver Ore which requires 35 skill to gather. This will give you a nice "umph" towards 50.