Aion Leveling Tips

- I recommend making an alt to transfer all of your items over to when you need to sell them. This will make it much easier for you and also not force you to return to town when you need to place things on the AH.

- Execute the law of common sense. If you're told to kill a rare/nammed mob try to get him in a single pull. Even if it requires you to kill his adds, die then run back and kill him.

- If I tell you to kill 8 dogs then head east and kill 8 cats. Kill the 8 dogs while working your way east to the 8 cats.

- Use Key Bindings. This will allow you to kill much faster and also improve your gaming experience.

- If you're waiting for a specific item or mob to spawn, don't just stand there! Kill stuff while you're waiting.

- Always track your quests. This will allow you to ALWAYS know what needs to be done. Also, it wont allow anything to slip your mind.

- Don't forget to buy new skills! The faster you kill the faster you level.

- Keep some Potions on you! Spending 300-400 Kinah to save you 5-10 minutes of running back to where you were is well worth it!