Almar's Leveling Guide, Guide (So creative I know)

So I've been getting some recommendations lately and suggestions of how to improve my leveling guide. One of the main problems people where having was trying to follow my exact path as a Gladiator or Assassin or someone with less survivability then me. As such, I need to clear something up for this people.

- If you are a class that has low survivability, trouble with certain mobs or can't fight mobs 1 or 2 levels higher then you... Stay BEHIND in my guide. If I leave a camp with level 35 mobs at level 34 to go to level 36 mobs, then you stay at the level 35 mobs until 35 then follow my guide to the level 36 mobs. Confusing? Sorry, it wasn't my intention I just cannot think of a better way to explain it.

- If you struggle with caster type mobs, say the elementals in The Upper Abyss that are in this guide here. What you will want to do is stay at a previous camp or go to the camp after this one. I usually always try and give you at least two options when you're put into this situation.

Now, those at the two most important things that I felt should be cleared up. The next thing I will get into is explaining the Leveling Guide Page... For you select few people, that somehow got confused. When I list an area and then a area in "Smaller" text under it, that is a second option for leveling or a quest/chain you unlock at that level.

Usually the first way that I give you is the fastest route, the one under it is incase you get bored, or as I said before a quest/chain. This should clear up some of the confusion with my leveling guide. Also, to answer a common question. The videos are more or less there for people who are confused where the location is or want some music while leveling. =P

Common Debate

So, I figured I'd make my own special section for this one. I often get into debates with people with wether or not grinding or questing is faster. Well, lets face the facts. Everyone who is level 50 atm or got level 50 first straight up grinded 100% of the time. One of the things I will disagree with here is SOME, not all quests are worth doing. Even though grinding is faster I still recommend grabbing all of the quests in town before leaving. You never know if you'll get bored, wonder too far into a quest area or what.

Also commonly people say its worth it to avoid The Abyss because of the ganking. Well, these people obviously have never gotten to level 25 to see how angering, annoying and amazingly crappy the XP outside is compaired to the XP inside. Plus in The Abyss you get Abyss Points, about 3x more DP a kill and it's just much more of an "awsome" enviroment. I recommend staying in The Abyss EVEN IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT. Until at least level 30, when the XP outside of The Abyss picks up again.