Elyos Leveling Guide 39 - 40

Ranx Assault

The Ranx Balaur are a great place for you to level from 39 to 40. They are pretty darn squishy and are spread out enough to where you won't agro more then one when attacking them. There are two camps of Balaur here one is to the northern section of the island and the other is to the southern section of the island. As an Elyos I recommend sticking to the southern camp, the Asmodians have a "save spot" towards the northern side of the island.

Stigma ShardsStigma Shards

Balaur Crafting Materials:

Tough Balaur MeatTough Balaur Meat

Hard Balaur SkinHard Balaur Skin

Hard Balaur ScaleHard Balaur Scale

Vicious Mind of WrathVicious Mind of Wrath

Hard Balaur HornHard Balaur Horn

Of course I'm not listing the other items you can get such as Manastones, Greens, Blues, Oranges and other goodies. These should be no brainers that they are quite valueable. Of course the best part of it all is that the Balaur also drop Kinah.

Krotan Rock