Elyos Leveling Guide 25 - 26

Another great area for you to level, if the Western Shard of Latesran is too ganky is the Island just east of Teminon Landing. Over on this island you will find level 25 Undead mobs. Not many other Elyos stop by here to grind and also not many Asmodians will venture over here to gank. There is also an NPC on this island that you will offer you quests when you reach level 26 which you have the option of doing.

Crushed SoulUndead Area

These Undead mobs are pretty numerous and offer you a good grinding experience with little to no ganking. These undead will take you up to level 26. Once you reach level 26 you can head to my level 26 area on the other guide or continue east and do the quests on the island.