Almar's Elyos Leveling Guide 23 - 25

Virago WarriorVirago Shaman

Another great place to level from 23 - 25 is the Harpies in Theobomos. The Harpies are located west of town in Revenge Valley. You'll find harpies all over this area as well as some other Worms and Kalgolems. The Worms and Kalgolems are more towards the entrance to the harpy area. It's important to always try and pull 1 Harpy at a time. They have a knockdown ability that, well, knocks you down.

The ability doesn't have a diminishing return which means the harpies are able to chain the ability on you, continuously knocking you down. Luckily the harpies are quite spread out and pretty darn squishy, any melee damage dealer will have a ton of fun in here ripping the harpies up. If you get bored of this leveling area, feel free to go to my other one in Eltnen.

NOTE: Another good thing about the Harpies at Revenge Valley is you're never going to get ganked.

Revenge Valley Grinding Location


Virago ClawVirago Claw (Vendor Trash)

Virago FeatherVirago Feather (Vendor Trash)

Thick RawhideThick Rawhide


Vendor TrashVendor Trash

Armor FluxArmor Flux

Weapon FluxWeapon Flux

Elemental StoneElemental Stone