Asmodian Level 38 Quests

When I Seafood, I Eat It

Frost LobniteLake Potcrab

This quest requires you to kill Lake Potcrabs and Frost Lobnites for Potcrab Foreleg8 Potcrab Forelegs and Lobnite Meat10 Lobnite Meat. Once you get all 18 ingredients you will need to go to Pandaemonium and buy Hot Spices from Daraia. Daraia can be found at the Temple of Artisans in Pandaemonium. She is in the Cooking Section. The Hot Spices will only cost Kinah20 Kinah. Once you have that return to Beluslan and turn in your quest.

Safe Harbor

Lake WaterwormIce Waterworm

This quest requires you to kill 7 Lake Waterworms and 10 Ice Waterworms. Both of these Waterworms can be found at the Anair Ice Lake. The Waterworms can most commonly be found around the outskirts of the lake, most commonly right near the walls.