Asmodian Leveling Guide - Balaur 42/43

Bakarma Crusader

This is by far the best possible place for you to level for the next two levels. The Balaur here are pretty squishy, drop kinah, are spread out and also drop Balic items. Usually always 2-3 people are in this camp with you, luckily there are plenty of mobs here to support 5 or more people. So, having 2 - 3 others here with you is great news because Elyos would be less likely to gank you.

There are two types of Balaur here, Crusaders and Raiders. Crusaders are like Gladiators and the Raiders are like Assassins. This means that the Raiders are much more squishy then the Gladiators. While you're leveling here as well you will find Diamond Deposits. Diamond takes 380 Extract Vitality Skill in order to gather and will give you one of the following items.

Diamond OreDiamond Ore

Rich Diamond OreRich Diamond Ore

Recovery CrystalRecovery Crystal

Dookiron's MementoDookiron's Memento

The Balaur here will drop the following items that you will want to hold onto to sell on the Auction House. I'm only going to list the Balaur Items that they drop, since it should be obvious if you find a green or Manastones to AH them.

Balaur Crafting Materials

Hard Balaur SkinHard Balaur Skin

Hot Balaur Blood StainHot Balaur Blood Stain

Balaur HeartBalaur Heart

Hard Balaur ScaleHard Balaur Scale

Tender Balaur MeatTender Balaur Meat

Hard Balaur HornHard Balaur Horn

Balaur Locations