Asmodian Leveling Guide - Baltasar Hill Village Quests (45)

When you ding level 45 Baltasar Hill Village will have a few quests available to you. Also a campaign quest will appear in your log that can be turned in here for 3mil XP, pretty easy XP. In town you will be able to get the following quests at your level.

They're Bugging Me
Vane's Eposhal Work
Plant for Filling
A Bloom in Brusthonin
Carnivores Run Amok
Clearing Out the Contaminants
Mission of the Reaper Squad

There are a few more in town, like from the Manastone guy and another repeatable quest, but they really aren't worth doing or mentioning. Below is a guide to help you finish all of these quests in town.

They're Bugging Me

Kill 25 Hill Sparkles
Kill 20 Cornhead Sylphen
Kill 15 Grave Moskie

All 3 of these mobs can be found west of town. These mobs are actually part of my "Neutral" leveling part for this area. If you want more information on these three mobs you'll want to check out the leveling guide that covers them. Also while you're in this area you'll want to collect the Subella5 Subella you'll need for the "A Bloom in Brusthonin" quest.

Vane's Eposhal Work

Luciferan HornskullLuciferan Hornskull Location

Kill Luciferin Hornskulls for 25 Hornskull Luciferin's.

The Luciferin Hornskulls that you need to kill can be found in the same general area that you where killing the Hill Sparkies, Cornhead Sylphen and Grave Moskies.

Plant for Filling

Floating Plant

Kill Floating Plants for Soggy Plant Leaves17 Soggy Plant Leaves.

The Floating plants can be found in the water in the same exact area that you found the Luciferin Hornskulls as well as the other 3 mobs.

Clearing Out the Contaminants

Clotted Contaminant

Collect Contaminant Sample10 Contaminant Sample.

Contaminant Samples can be found lying all around the swamp in the watery areas. You'll want to collect this, green, pile of crap, and bring it back to town.

After you complete these 4 quests you will want to head back to town and turn all of them in. After you've done that you will want to continue east to the other side of town for your next set of quests.

Mission of The Reaper Squad

Undead SlaveUndead Location

Kill 24 Undead Cultivators
Kill 20 Undead Slaves

This quest requires you to kill 25 Cultivators and 20 Slaves, both of them being undead mobs found just east of Baltasar Hill Village. You can find both of these mobs at my blue circle on the map. For more information on the Undead in Brusthonin check out my Brusthonin Undead Leveling Guide.

Carnivores Run Amok

Spotted KurinKurin and Karnif LocationsPale Karnif

Kill 30 Pale Karnifs
Kill 20 Spotted Kurin

The Spotted Kurin walk the Farm Fields just southeast of Baltasar Hill Village, which is in the air inside the blue circle. The Kurins can be found literally all over this area, as well as some Zeller and other Undead Mobs. If you'd like to learn more about the Kurin and Karnif Leveling area check out my Kurin and Karnif Leveling Guide!

The Pale Karnifs can be found all around the areas in the red circles. They aren't as together as the Kurins are making it easier for you to just run in there and start killing them. The area I recommend is just above the Kurins, for Karnifs. Unless you have gathering then up by the Cemetery you'll get much more goodies.

Bloom in Brusthonin

Portaro's TombPortaro's Tomb Location

This quest requires you to collect 5 Subella, which that part should already be done. After you collect 5 Subella you will need to find Potaro's Tomb. His tomb can be located where I am standing in the picture above. When you're here place the flowers on the grave.

For Virhu

Virhu Location

Virhu is a Scarecrow that can be found south of Baltasar Hill Village, back in the "easy" area of Brusthonin. You will want to speak with him and turn in your quest.

Final Repeatable Quest - Baltasar's Wish

Rotten Branch AgrintWet Branch Rotan

Collect Contaminated Agrint Branches20 Contaminated Agrint Branches
Collect Contaminated Rotron Branches20 Contaminated Rotron Branches

Rotten Branch Agrints and Wet Branch Rotron's can be found all over the central area of Brusthonin. Most commonly found around pockets of trees, since they are trees themselves. Below is a map of my favorite location to farm these.

Treant Locations