Asmodian Leveling Guide - Orfaimam 45 - 48

Tenacious OrfaimamFast Orfaimam

When you reach level 45 the next best place for you to possibly level is the Orfaimam raptors. These raptors can be found est of Baltasar Hill Village just north of The Northweald. There are tons of raptors over here for you to kill even if a few other people are crowding your camp.

If you've been raising your gathering skill at all as well you can also find Anathe FiberAnathe and SubellaSubella over in with the raptors here. Closer to the road you will find Fast Orfaimam's which are the lower level of the two raptors. These raptors are level 46 instead of 47. This camp will take you all the way up to level 48 and still offer you great XP even at level 48.

I actually know a few people that stayed here until level 50 because of how excellent the camp was. If you want to stay here until level 50, that decision is entirely up to you.

Orfaimam Location

Items of Interest

Mana StoneMana Stone

Armor FluxArmor Flux

Weapon FluxWeapon Flux

Anathe FiberAnathe Fiber


Major Elemental Stone Major Elemental Stone

Vendor Trash Vendor Trash