Asmodian Leveling Guide - Neutral Mobs West of Baltasar 44

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As always, I try to give you a spot with those favorite Neutral Green dotted mobs! This is the spot that holds the most bang for your buck. Over here you will find Beetles, Moths and Fireflys to kill. There are plenty of bugs here for you to kill, even if a few other people are killing here too. The only downside of this area, as seen in the video is bots. It seems as if they are unavoidable in this game and this is a camp where many come.

Aside from the bots you will find this camp to be amazing for XP and little threat of death since the mobs won't agro you unless you attack first. Also if you've been keeping your Extract Vitality up to par you'll find plenty of Anathe Fiber around for you to gather as well as Asvata Logs.

NOTE: Remember since you're in Brusthonin you can change channels if someone is in your camp. To change channels you will want to go to Menu > Support > Change Channel

The Eastweald

Items of Interest

Mana StoneMana Stone

Armor FluxArmor Flux

Weapon FluxWeapon Flux

Anathe FiberAnathe Fiber

Fresh SubellaFresh Subella


Asvata WoodAsvata Wood

Vendor TrashVendor Trash