Asmodian Leveling Guide - 42 Hoarfrost Shelter Quests

At level 42 you will be able to get quite a few quests from Hoarfrost Shelter. This is our town just east of Red Mane Cavern. You should have a quest to turn in here too Svafnir, unless you've already turned it in. If you have turned it in, you know where the town is. If you haven't hit M to look at your map and find it! =D

Hoarfrost Shelter

Accept all of the quests in town. Also make sure you turn in any of the follow up quests you get for town. You should have the following quests ready to be done for Beluslan:

Powwow With the Mau
Divine Asvata Log
Supplies for the Survivors
The Dutiful Spy
[Spy] Reliable Report
Mau's Lament
[Group] Recovering the Keepsakes
Fruit of Solace
[Group] Drakes and Their Breeders
[Group] Balaur Assassin
[Group] A Friend's Whereabouts
Belated Regret

NOTE: The Divine Asvata Log quest requires 18 Asvata Logs. If you can gather them, do it and turn it in at any time. The Fruit of Solace quest requires you to gather 15 Kukar. If you can gather them, gather them and turn them in at any time.

After you've gotten all the quests in town you will want to head south out of town to the Spirits. Here you will need to kill the following mobs for the following items:

Frostspirit Fighters for 13 Fighter's Amulets
Frostspirit Shaman for 7 Shaman's Amulets
Frostspirit Sentinel for 7 Sentinel's Amulets
Frostspirit Healer's for 7 Healer's Amulets

Spirits Location

After you get all the Amulets that you need you will want to head east to the Tayga and Kurins. Here you will want to kill the Tayga and Kurins for 10 Tayga Fur Skins and 10 Kurin Hip Meat. Below is a map of where you can find the Tayga and Kurins for your quest.

Tayga and Kurin Location

After you complete both of these quests you will want to return to town and turn in your two quests. Accept the follow up quest "Hoarfrost Tribe's Enemy". This quest requires you to kill the Balaur that are just northeast of this town. For more information on the Balaur over here you should use the Balaur Leveling Guide I made just for them.

You have two left over quests from the other town waiting to be done. These quests require you to speak with Dewi who can be found south of your town.

Dewi Location

Dewi will have many quests available to you. Below is a list of all the quests you will want to accept from Dewi.

[Spy] A Spy's Advice
An Unobtrusive Journey
[Group] Contacting Strahein
Jafnhar's Whereabouts
[Group] Dead Men Tell no Tales
Acquiring an Antidote

The only quest that is worth giving you a guide for from Dewi is "An Unobtrusive Journey". This quest requires you to kill 11 Pretor Searchers and 10 Obsidian Kirrin just north of Dewi. For more information on both of these mobs and this quest you will want to check out my Kurrin and Pretor Searchers Guide. When you complete the quest return to Dewi and turn it in.

The other quests you have for Beluslan at this point require you to get a group together and take out either Elite Balaur or Elite Lepharist's. Below are where you can find the elite Balaur that you'll need to kill for your quests and the Lepharist's.

Elite Balaur
Elite Balaur Location

Elite Lepharist's
Elite Lepharists Location