Asmodian Leveling Guide - Kirrin and Pretor (42/43)

Pretor SearcherObsidian Kirrin

This is another good area for you to level up if you get bored of the other ones around this level. The Obsidian Kirrin's here will be your main focus since the Pretor Searchers have a pretty annoying ability called Serum Variant. Serum Variant is annoying because it doesn't allow you to regenerate any sort of HP for about 30 seconds and applies a DoT on you.

Luckily there are enough Obsidian Kirrin's alone in this area for you to kill and you can completely ignore the Pretor mobs. Also if you've been paying any attention to your Extract Vitality Skill you'll be able to gather Grobule from over here.

Kurrin Location

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Mana StoneMana Stone

Armor FluxArmor Flux

Weapon FluxWeapon Flux


Fresh GrobuleFresh Grobule

Mithril OreMithril Ore