Asmodian Leveling Guide - Level 42 Trolls

Fang Troll HunterTrollkin Worker

The Fang Trolls are a great place to level from 41 to 42. Much like the other Fang Trolls at level 40 they drop Kinah and usually a gray or white item every kill. The Small Trolls are pretty squishy and can easily be plowed through by any DPS class. The Big Trolls are a bit more durable but nothing you should worry about. There are two different locations for you to kill these trolls.

One of these locations is east of town and the other is northeast of town. Both of these areas have trolls that are level 41 and 42, this means where you want to kill is completely up to you. One thing I've learned though is the southern camp has more level 41 trolls and the northern camp has more level 42 trolls. Also the southern camp the trolls are more spread out.

NOTE: Something else I would like to add is the Southern Trolls have one of the best places to farm Sapphire. There is Sapphire littered around this camp. If you're looking to raise Extract Vitality while leveling or if Sapphire Sells well on your server this is the better choice.

Troll Locations

Alternate Place:

Fang Troll Encampment

Items of Interest

Kinah200 Kinah Each

Mana StoneMana Stone

Armor FluxArmor Flux

Weapon FluxWeapon Flux


Fang Troll Blood Fang Troll Blood

Sapphire OreSapphire Ore

Big Sapphire OreBig Sapphire Ore

Asvata WoodAsvata Wood

Anathe Fiber Anathe Fiber