Fang Troll Encampment - 40

Fang Troll HunterTrollkin Worker

The Trolls are one of the best places for you to level from 40 to 41. The camp is pretty small and usually not trafficed too much. The small trolls here are very squishy, the bigger ones are a bit more tough but nothing you can't handle. The trolls also drop roughly 190-250 kinah each kill, which is a nice added bonus to their other loot.

Also if you've kept your gathering around your level you can gather Vigen here (335 skill), Ruby Ore (315 skill) and also Avasta Log (340 skill). Another upside is this place is right next to the Kurin, Tayga and Rynoce area. If you get bored you can always run across the road and grind here.

Troll Locations

Items of Interest

Kinah200 Kinah Each

Fang Troll BloodFang Troll Blood

Mana StonesMana Stones

Armor FluxArmor Flux

Weapon FluxWeapon Flux

VigenVigen (335 Skill to gather)

Asvata LogAsvata Log (315 Skill to gather)

Solid Troll BoneSolid Troll Bone (Vendor Trash)