Asmodian Leveling Guide (37/38) - 39

Kysis Flame Tribe

This is a great place for you to level starting at level 37. The Kysis Flame Tribe mobs are pretty darn squishy and don't hit for much. Also this place is pretty out of the way which means not many people will come over here to gank you. Also if your faction owns a nearby Artifact or the Keep then you will have some place nearby to run incase anyone does come your way.

As if it wasn't enough already that the Kysis where squishy, gank free and didn't hit very hard they also drop Kinah. Now there are two camps of Kysis you should know about. One camp has Kysis that are specifically level 39 the other has Kysis that are level 38. At level 37 if you come here you will want to kill the Kysis at the Red circle on my map below. If you are 38/39 you can head over to the Blue circle and kill the higher level ones.

Kysis Isle

Video Guide for Level 38:

Items of Interest

Kinah200 Kinah Each

Mana StoneMana Stone

Armor FluxArmor Flux

Weapon FluxWeapon Flux