Aion Artifacts Guide

Artifacts are the small capturable Artifacts in The Abyss. Artifacts can be captured with an intelligent group where as Forts will need a raid. In order to claim an Artifact your Legion must do the most damage to the elite NPC guarding it. If your Legion isn't top on DPS then it will be given to your Faction or the Legion second on DPS. Artifacts can be held for up to 24 hours before the Balaur will spawn and reclaim it. In order to activate an Artifact players will need 2 Temporal Stones can be crafted by Alchemists.

There are a total of 31 Artifacts in The Abyss. When you control an Artifact it will give you a ability for anyone on it's Island or around it. In order to activate an Artifact you will need Temporal Stones. The Temporal Stones can be created by Alchemists.

- In order to create a Temporal Stone your Alchemy Skill will need to be 199 and you will need the following materials:

5 Wisdom Stones
11 Catalyst
16 Aether Crystals

There are a total of 14 different Artifact skills in The Abyss. This means that some Artifacts will share the same skills. Below is a map of each section of The Abyss. They will list each Artifact and what skill is tied to that Artifact. The Words in Parentheses is the actual name of the Artifact.

List of All The Abyss Artifacts

Lower Abyss Artifact Locations

1. Abyssal Shield - (Abyssal Aegis)
2. Abyssal Light - (Abyssal Aura)
3. Bloody Cry - (Daevic Efflux)
4. Rain of Illusion - (Tenebrous Cloak)
5. Mythical Strength - (Kerubic Metamophosis)
6. Abyssal Light - (Abyssal Aura)
7. Abyssal Light - (Abyssal Aura)
8. Abyssal Shield - (Abyssal Aegis)

Upper Abyss Artifact Locations

1. Belldandy's Mockery - (Verdandi's Prank)
2. Celestial Breath - (Daevic Innvervation)
3. Celestial Curse - (Anacros Malady)
4. Eruption - (Fiery Staccate)
5. Abyssal Shield - (Abyssal Aegis)
6. Bloody Cry - (Daevic Efflux)
7. Eruption - (Fiery Staccato)
8. Hellfire - (Flaming Hell)
9. Metamor Vines - (Restorative Grasp)
10. Eruption - (Fiery Staccator)
11. Metamor Vines - (Restorative Grasp)
12. Abyss Storm - (Abyssal Fury)
13. Rain of Illusion - (Tenebrous Cloak)
14. Air Shackle - (Aion's Rebuke)

Core Abyss Artifacts

1. Metamor Vines - (Restorative Grasp)
2. Eruption - (Fiery Staccato)
3. Celestial Breath - (Daevic Innervation)
4. Abyssal Barrier - (Aetheric Renewal)
5. Abyssal Light - (Abyssal Aura)
6. Abyssal Light - (Abyssal Aura)
7. Eruption - (Fiery Staccato)
8. Abyss Storm - (Abyssal Fury)
9. Eruption - (Fiery Staccato)

To learn more about the abilities tied to each Artifact click on the link.

Capturing an Artifact & Activating

Unlike Fortresses Artifacts can be taken at any time. Each Artifact will have a few guards and also an Artifact Protector. In order to take control of the Artifact you must kill all of the Guards and the Artifact Protector. When you kill the Artifact Defender at the Artifact NPC's for your faction will spawn. Also the Legion that did the most damage will have the Artifact claimed for themselves.

If players with no Legions do the most damage to the Artifact Protector then the Artifact will belong to the whole Faction. When a Artifact belongs to a Legion only the Leader and Officers (Centurions) may interact with it and Activate it. When the Artifact begins to the whole faction anyone is able to interact with it to activate it.

As said earlier in order to activate the Artifact you will need Temporal Stones. In order to make a Temporal Stone you will need the following materials:

5 Wisdom Stones
11 Catalyst
16 Aether Crystals

As you can tell from my maps depending what faction controls the Artifact also determines it's color on the map. Also when you mouse over the Artifact it will show you the controlling force. Below is a quick reference guide to explain what I mean:

Asmodian - Asmodian is the controlling faction
Elyos - Elyos is the Controlling Faction
Balaur - Balaur is the Controlling faction

Artifact Tab

When you mouse over an Artifact the above picture is the tid bit it shows you. It gives you the name of the Artifact and what race currently ones it. When the race is a playable race it will also show you which guild owns it.