F.A.Q For New Players

This page is designed to help new players jump right into Aion, answering almost every question I've heard or been asked. This is my first super long wall of text F.A.Q. Hold "CTRL" and hit "F" on your keyboard, then type in your question, hopefully it will be on this page.

Warning: <Long List of questions without much seperating them>

Q: What is the Form of Currency in Aion?

A: It is called Kinah.

Q: Is there an Auction House in Aion?

A: Yes, you can also set up your own vendor by using the ingame Barter command. If you'd like to see what the Auction House in Aion is like click here.

Q: How Hard is it to make money in Aion?

A: It isn't that hard to make money in Aion. By level 10 you will have 15-20k of Kinah. Judging by the rate you make Kinah expect to have a couple million by max level.

Q: Does Aion Have any form of Quest Tracker?

A: Yes they have an ingame option that allows you to put an X on your map and an arrow on your minimap to help you find your quest location.

Q: What is PvPvE?

A: In Layman's terms... The Asmodians and Elyos hate each other, they're sworn enemies. What PvPvE means is, anything you really do in PvE is still going to contribute to the PvP element of the game, since that is the main focus.

Q: What Is the Death Penalty In Aion?

A: When you die you will lose all current DP and also some XP. You will be returned to the last Obelisk you binded to and by speaking with the Soul Healer, you may return all lost XP. The cost to return all of your XP is very small, less then a death in WoW would even cost.

Q: How long does it take to level in Aion?

A: Players can do 1-10 in 4 to 5 hours. Past that it gets slower and slower. To better answer your question, much longer than WoW.

Q: Are there banks in Aion? If so where are they?

A: Yes, they are called warehouses. You can find them in any capital city and some other "side cities".

Q: Can you increase the speed of which you fly in Aion?

A: Yes at level 25 you will get a quest that allows you to fly 33% faster. It is also the quest that allows you access to The Abyss.

Q: Is there Rested XP in Aion?

A: Yes. You will start to gain rested XP past level 20.