Aion Flying Guide

If I had to pick, one of the most popular selling points of Aion will be Flying and Aerial Combat. This guide will give you a good idea of what to expect from Aion, along the lines of Aerial Combat and Flying. Flying is one of the major parts of the game, expecially when you get to the Abyss (One of the very well known, frequently traveled areas).

Why Can I Fly In Only Certain Areas?

Even though flying is a major part of the game, you can't fly every where. As the creaters of Aion say, Flight is only possible when you're in the presence of Aether. Aether is a magical material that was once part of the Tower of Eternity. Since Aether isn't everywhere, you can't fly everywhere.


Gliding is another one of the methods available to players. Players will be able to Glide, where the normally can't fly. Players are able to Glide when they're off the ground, falling towards it, I'm sure everyone is familiar with the term "Glide". Very similar to flying you will have maximum control of your character while Gliding.

However, Players will not be able to enter combat or fight while they Glide. You also will not be able to cast or use any abilities while you are Gliding. In additon the only way to Ascend while Gliding is by holding NOTHING and touching the ground. Your character will "bump" a couple feet into the air and keep going. And one last thing, if you hit any objects while gliding, wall, tree branch, floating land, Matt Damon, you will be knocked out of the air.

Aerial Combat

While playing Aion you will eventually run into an Aerial Combat scenario with another player. It is important to know that other players have abilities that will take away your wings. On a similar note it is also very important that you know YOU have abilities to take away other players wings. These abilities make for very funny "lol" moments as you watch others plumet to the ground.

Very similar to ground combat players will also gain bonuses while moving around in the air. Below is a quick run down of the bonuses players will gain.

Attack Bonus: Moving forward increases your attack bonus and decreases your phyiscal defense and magical resistances.

Block Bonus: Moving backwards increases your block bonus

Evasion Bonus: Moving Side to side increases your evasion rating

It is very important to understand, the first time you get your wings, you won't be an expert flyer. Nor will you be fully coordinated. Ask questions, read guides, watch videos. You'll be able to see yourself quickly improve.

Earning Your Wings

At level 10 players will be able to accept the Ascension quest that will allow them to earn their wings. The quests will be different for both Elyos and Asmodian players. Below is a quick run down and walkthrough of quests for both factions.

Elyos Ascension

As an Elyos you will be able to accept the Ascension quest from Pernos. Chances are if you've been following the chain of quests, you will have already run into Pernos. If you have not found Pernos yet, then you can find him along the Agaric Spore Road on the northern portion of Poeta.

When you find him speak to him and accept the quest he has to offer. With this quest in hand he will give you a vial to take to the center of Cliona Lake to fill it. After you fill the Vial you will need to take it to Lord Daminu in Daminu Forest. Lord Daminu is a huge tree along side of the road with a face. In other words, hard to miss.

Give the tree the liquid so he can nourish himself, he will drop an apple on the ground that you will need to pick upand bring back to Pernos. When you bring the apple back to Pernos you will enter a cutscene. People will be hailing you and calling you lord as you walk up to Belpartan. He will tell you that he needs assistance in defeating the Balaur. Your character will jump off a cliff and glide to the ground.

When you land you will regain control of your character and be forced to kill a small group of enemies. After you kill them you will have to fight a single harder enemy. After you do this you will enter another cutscene. Afterword you will be asked to further specialize into a class. You will no longer be concidered a Warrior, Mage, Scout or Priest.

After you choose your further specialization you spawn back to Pernos. Pernos will ask if you choose to stay here and finish up any unfinished buisiness or if you're ready to head to the Sanctum and complete your Daeva ceremony. When you go to the Sanctum you will need to talk with the little girl, Leah. Leah will ask that you speak to Jucleas in the Lyceum.

When you speak to Jucleas a cutscene will begin. It will take you through the ceremony required to gain your wings. After the cutscene Jucleas will give you a quest to go to your class trainer. When you talk to your class trainer and turn in the quest you will be given a good weapon that will help you through the early levels.

After you complete that quest, you will officially be done your Ascension quest. Congratulations!

Asmodian Ascension

As an Asmodian your Ascension quest will start by talking to Munin. Munin can be located in the prison camp, which you should of definetly encountered by now. The quest Munin gives you requires you to speak with 3 different people. These people have cards that will show you your Past, Present and Future. I'm unsure how these perverts got away with being able to watch you at every second, some things are better left un explained.

The first of the people you will want to talk to is Urd the Taylor in Aldelle Village to obtain the card that shows you your past. After you get the card that shows you your past you will want to head to Munihele Forest and talk to Verdandi. She is the old witch you encountered when you where searching for Rae in the Campaign quest.

Verdandi will give you the card showing your Present. The final card that you need will be the card that shows your future. This card can be obtained from Skuld in Anturoon Crossing. West of the outpost, near the cliff overlooking the sea you will find Skuld. Once you have the final card in hand return to Munin. He will inform you that you are destined to become a Daeva. You will be transported to an instance where you will have to walk up the ramp and speak with Hagen.

Hagen will tell you of a battle that is taking place. Your character will take off and fly to where the battle is taking place. When you land you will need kill a group of Guardian Assassins who you will be easily killed. When they are killed Brigade General Helion will attack you. You will fight him breifly and then you will enter a cutscene where Brigade General Helion strikes you down. You will awake to find Munin again with you.

You will now be forced to further specialize your class path. Choose wisely, for you will be unable to change it in the future. After you choose your class path you will be taken back to Munin's Prison. He will ask you if you'd like to be taken to Pandaemonium or if you'd like to stay and finish up anything. If you choose to leave you will be taken to the capital city to complete your Ascension quest and become a Daeva.

When you're taken to Pandaemonium head up the path and speak to Heimdail who is just up the path from where you spawn. He will welcome you and ask that you head to the Great Temple to see High Priest Baider. The Great Temple is down the stairs to the right. When you speak with Baider you will enter a scene where you will be granted your wings.

After you're granted your wings you will be given a quest to take to your trainer. Turning in the quest will give you a good weapon. Congratulations!


One thing to keep in mind is the different looks of the wings. Elyos have "Angel" Wings which are white and give you more of a "happy", upbeat feeling. Where as the Asmodian's have Black wings, this portrayes them as the more "Evil" like race. Players will also be able to buy upgraded wings in Sanctum, for Elyos and Pandaemonium, for Asmodians. These wings will change the look of your basic wings and also give you more Flight Time.

Below are pictures to show you the difference between Asmodian and Elyos Wings.

Asmodian Wings

Asmodian Wings

Elyos Wings

Elyos Wings

Still want to know a bit more about flying? Well good! I've also created a video to better demonstrate flying in Aion. Also it has quite the commical death at the end because I wasn't paying attention. =X